• May 8, 2021, 10:01 p.m.

    I just imagined using machinery of life to 3D print complex 3D structures.
    From perfect nano tube rope, growing directly from the printer, to supercomputers on the size of brick that contains processor, memory and complete power supply. Maybe not built from exact materials we use for computing today, but ones that living machinery can build.
    When we look at complex machinery of living cells, it begs to be reconfigured for our own use. Using DNA as print pattern data to direct complex structure manufacturing. Orders of magnitude more dense and complex than existing microprocessors.
    Neural networks and computers of future generations, possibly replacing part of the skull with 3D grown supercomputer that does all. Being stronger than original bone, bio compatible with existing skeleton, to body monitoring trough powering method, wireless communication and of course multi million connection with neurons. Giving an average person access to personal supercomputer, combined with neural network at your personal disposal, on top on order of magnitude better control own body functions.