• Oct. 2, 2020, 5:53 p.m.

    One of Isaac's faithful reader John Pavon a new writer, appears with his first of a series of Sci Fi- Fiction books: The Whirl Wind Man-The Whirl Wind Man- Tell a story is told thru oldest brother Jimmy Huey vantage point and eyes, several decades past as two small town brothers’ seemly endless games lands one which lasts and leads to discovery of first Time Travel Vessel and a fleeting space-time travel meeting & befriending an alien being. Conflict endures between family, brothers, keeping a secret and outgrowing the first time travel vessel. Jimmy Narrative story telling is unique brining the images of future & past to translate the present. Looking back in time and living in the present while learning from their new alien being friend-communicating thru pure thoughts non-verbal communication thru the use of images leads to new inventions and takes science into the new future realm. This is a series with more action to come. We are recreating the first Time Travel Vessel-which will be brought to book signings events-The book has a score-it!-(4.5 stars rating) Steve a reviewer wrote: A story of a rural family in the 60's- I lived in the hills of Redwood City at the time you grew up, so I could relate to your story-Interesting! Devon a Austin Macauley reviewer wrote I can confidently state that your book was found to be engaging and enjoyable as we follow Jimmy and Tim's adventures, the imaginative storyline coupled with the unique perspective on sibling relationships provided for a captivating tale. Captivating! The Whirl Wind Man