• May 8, 2021, 2:15 p.m.

    Does it seem likely that AI will eventually be available as a personal agent? Siri and Alexa on steroids. The agent would act, like an attorney, in your personal best interest and with correspondingly similar confidentiality protections.

    Your AI could be augmented with domains relevant or interesting to the subscriber. Legal, scientific, medical, taxes and finance, real estate, historical, language, etc.. Imagine if every human had an IBM Watson (Generation X) at their disposal.

    Given the current level of technology it is easy to imagine holding a real time conversation with an artificial agent, and receiving expert level advice about my tax preparation and given suitable legal accommodations, filing them on my behalf.

    "Agent, find me a home listing in a Chicago suburb that fits my salary range and meets xxxx criteria."
    "Agent, update my will. Add my new boat and bequeath it to my son."
    "Agent, does this mole look cancerous?"
    "Agent, what financial aid is available for a single mother of 2 in this area?"

    I would love to see a basic agent offered to every person running on tax funded compute. But more likely it would start as a private service.

    I haven't heard it discussed anywhere, so I wanted to ask someone who might be able to offer an informed opinion.

  • May 18, 2021, 2:35 p.m.

    Tom Scott has done a couple of videos that sort of relate to what you're talking about. Like his video on blocking people in real life and a few others.

    Imagine the possibilities if this were combined with a robust brain/machine interface. No need to ask your agent to do something, just think about it and have the results pop up as an overlay in your vision or have it spoken directly into your brain--like GUPPIE in Dennis E. Miller's Bobiverse series.